Dental Crowns in Plano Texas

Dental Crown

A crown is like a new outside layer for your tooth. Fillings can only get so large, so crowns or onlays (partial crowns) are needed when there is insufficient tooth structure remaining to hold a filling. When this happens, the tooth is very susceptible to breaking. A crown holds everything together so it will not break.

After your mouth is numb, we will remove some tooth material from the sides and top to allow room for the crown to fit. We will take an impression and make a temporary crown. You will wear the temporary crown while the dental lab makes the final crown. Once it is ready, you’ll return to our Plano dental office, where Dr. Bellingham will remove the temporary crown and adjust and cement the permanent crown.

Dr. Bellingham typically uses all-porcelain zirconia crowns for back teeth and E-Max crowns for front teeth. Zirconia is much stronger and holds up well to heavy chewing. E-Max crowns have better aesthetic qualities and are more suited for front teeth. Regardless of the type of crown you choose, you can rest assured that it will be created with exacting standards and the highest possible quality.